Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Skills Targets

I'm going to be improving my Film production skills by creating a big brother like show. These are the skills I'm aiming to improve and how I think making the short show will help me:

Digital Technology
Skill Target: I want to learn how to use the the digital video camera effectively for the best shots possible.
How this will be achieved: Because its a reality show, the camera shots will have to be very still and slow moving, we will have to use the tripod effectively.

Skill Target: I want to be able to express my ideas more clearly within my group and put them into our production
How will this be achieved: By sitting down with my group andtelling them my ideas and how we can incorporate them into our clip

Research and Planning
Skill Target: I need to be able to manage my time properly when doing reasearch and planning as last year it wasn't as good as I would of hoped.

How this will be achieved: Make a plan of what research needs to be done and record it down appropriatley, making sure its all organised and clear.

Skill Target: I would like to learn how to put a voiceover onto my clip using premiere pro
How this will be achieved: We need a voicover as our clip will be a big brother themed one.

Using Conventions from Real Media Texts
Skill Target: I'd like to make our clip seem like a real reality tv show, taking inspiration from Big Brother
How this will be achieved: Using lots of cuts and shots from different angles to give a real "big brother is watching you" feel