Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Question 2 - How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

For the ancillary tasks I wanted to stay as redundant as possible. As the audience are 9-14 I needed them to understand the texts, and relate with them.

To recognise the texts I decided to use the same colour scheme and fonts, giving it a "house style" Using red, blue and yellow the audience may recognise this on a shelf and relate it to the show. I also used the main character 'Tom Nero' on the front of both of the ancillary tasks so if the audience didn't already recognise it from the colour scheme and fonts they would recognise the main character.

I didn't want the DVD cover to be the exact same as the magazine style wise...I wanted to incorporate the Tom Nero font though so that it was recognised. I decided to use the background off one of the clips in the title sequence where he says "by night I'm Tom Nero, the superhero" and the background changes to stars. We thought this was quite a 'comicy' look, so I thought it would be appropriate to base the DVD design around that.

Even for children who may have never seen the show, I wanted to make it look interesting and stand out, I made the outside of the characters glow so it looks like they stand out from the cover. You can clearly see its about a normal boy who's a superhero that's why I put them back to back.

I think it relates to the show and is an effective DVD cover which looks professional and attracts the right target audience

For the magazine I kept with the 'house style'. After doing research into children's magazines I decided to keep it childlike and makes sure I gave freebies and 'insider knowledge' to attract toe audience.

The combination of all these texts definitely shows a 'house style' It uses the same fonts, colours, pictures and comic styles. I think this was definitely necessary for our young target audience. Looking at the Title sequence, magazine and DVD I think that they all relate nicely to eachother and you can clearly see the link. I think our target audience will appreciate the DVD being slightly different as its exciting and a change, but as it is still the same font and 'Tom Nero' logo its still recognisable.

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