Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Question 4 - How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Research and Planning

Before beginning our Research we had to create a treatment and pitch of our ideas, we used Microsoft PowerPoint to make a PowerPoint presentation which we presented to the class.

In the Research and Planning stage, we did a lot of Internet research. We used the website to record our coursework. As I had used this during my AS level Media I was familiar with how everything works and found it quicker and easier to use this time round.

Google was the main search engine we used to do our research, we used this to find images and information about children's TV drama, we also used YouTube to acquire clips and embed them into our blog.

When doing research we found a website - which gave us ideas for comic book themes, and taught us how to make a comic book effect pictures using photo shop.

We used many media technologies during the construction stage of our coursework. Firstly we started to film parts of our title sequence using the Panasonic video cameras, once we had filmed all we needed, we captured the clips onto Premiere Pro 2, this enabled us to start forming our title sequence.

We also used the DSLR cameras to take still images to put into our title sequence, we uploaded them and saved them as a .JPG file to alter later. To adapt the images to look like comic book strips, we opened up the files in Photoshop CS2, we applied different filters and pixelated it to construct a comic book effect.

When using Premiere Pro 2, we cut all the clips and adjusted them on the timeline, we added different keyframeabble effects so other clips/images could fly into one slide etc. As we also wanted a narrative, we decided to make a Voice over using the technology in the music department we recorded Dans voice and added it to the clips, along with background music.


In the evaluation stage of my coursework, I used facebook to get myself some feedback on my Children's TV Title sequence. It allowed me to interact with an audience and get their responses, this qualitative data has allowed me to assess whether the video appeals to the correct target market.

I also used Microsoft PowerPoint to create a presentation for one of the questions, demonstrating my computer skills.

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