Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Redundancy and Entropy

To me the concept of redundancy is something that is predictable or conventional, something normal that you would expect to see. For example, a policeman stood in full uniform in the street, this is something you would expect to see, therefore highly redundant. A police officer stood in a bikini on the street would not be redundant at all. This would be the opposite which is called entropy.
Entropy is something that is unpredictable. It’s something that you wouldn’t expect to see and that isn’t average. All images arguably have an element of both in them. Entropy and Redundancy can be used to communicate different things to the audience.
Our own ideas have elements of both in it. The mise en scene would be seen as highly redundant; it’s about a school kid doing average things out of school time. This would be seen as highly redundant. Yet we have entropic elements in it, as he is a superhero and would be doing things that are not predictable. I think we have the balance right between entropy and redundancy in our show; it’s redundant enough for our target audience to understand, but the elements of entropy are also understandable as superheroes are becoming more common, so if he could teleport, or run really fast, this would be seen as very entropic, but the audience could understand that this is a redundant thing for a superhero genre.

Our title sequence would be seen as quite redundant as it has typical elements of an introduction.

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