Thursday, 15 October 2009

Further Research

Neds Declassified School Survival Guide

This video is inspiration for our own title sequence. We like how it uses a montage of images and the way they introduce the characters using different wipes and cuts.
For our own title sequence we would like to incorporate the way they use still images but with a video clip as well as seen from 15 seconds onwards.
We also like the way they have a speaker telling the narrative over the top of the clips, the idea of giving a back story is something were interested in doing for our own title sequence.

Doing this research into TV drama introductions has influenced our title sequence greatly. We are going to include in ours, a voice over, possibly the main character in our drama speaking about his life. This will give the audience an idea of what the show is about and who characters are. "Ned's declassified" was the inspiration and we thought this effect helped us understand what the show would be about. therefore we hope ours does the same for the audience.

Seeing how Ned's declassified gave a montage of clips to introduce characters gave us an idea to do a similar thing. So far we are thinking, separate clips for each character, and having something that represents them in the background. Ideas so far are colours, pictures, sounds relating to the character for example, dark ominous colours for the villain, and bright, fun colours for the friends/sister which will tell the audience something about them.

Sky High

When researching further into the comic book effect we so want to use in our title sequence we found this video. It incorporates everything we would love to do in our title sequence.

The introduction to it, where its moving through the comic book is something we want to try and do in our title sequence. Obviously we would be limited as we don't have the high tech technology, but the effect it gives has further inspired us to do it as we think it looks amazing.

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