Thursday, 8 October 2009


Working Title --- Super Dooper

Troublesome teen who gains super powers but finds it difficult to use them, are his powers more trouble than they are worth?

What you can do if you put your mind to it

Desired Outcome

Recognisable to the audience, easy to turn on and watch even for those who have never seen it before. Each episode different and fun but with familiar faces and themes which are easy for the audience to relate with.
We want to introuduce only a couple of characters in the title sequence - just the main characters - The "superhero", "villain" and "best friend or sister"

‘9 – 14’ as main target audience. This relates to Superhero themed films that are around right now, which are 12a certificate.

Overall style and ‘look’?
The look would fit the theme of comics and cartoons, maybe add an element of child like sketches into it.

Were interested in the look of a flip book aswell, so may attempt to incorporate this into our

What sort of texts are you influenced by?
Mortified because the dynamics of the title sequence – fast cuts and fun animation
Neds declassified – again due to the fast cuts and childlike captions and narrative exposition

What sort of texts might you want to be different to?
We wish to be different from every opening and drama we have looked at, this is because we feel establishing our own identity for the show is imporatant and for this to be done, a different approach in terms of theme, style and characters to other shows will be done to achieve this.

What sort of technology do you think will be involved?
Mini DV Camera
Editing Software – Photoshop & Adobe Premier Pro

What sort of personnel will be involved?
Georgina – Camerawork, Acting and editing.
Dan - Camerawork, Acting and editing.
Actor 1 – Acting

Dates and provisional schedule
9-26th October- Research and planning
26th-23rd November – filming
27th-11th January – post production

Likely problems
Editing problems
Special effects

Possible Costs
Petrol money - To get to different destinations for filming

Transport issues
Ginas car – Petrol money + Driving ability

Health and Safety Issues
Ginas driving…

May also need permission from parents if we use a young actor

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